Monday, March 7, 2011

Rules of the Rant

I've been a living historian, or re-enactor if you prefer the term, for awhile now. A favorite "expert" has a saying, "the true historian is one who knows how much they have yet to learn to be considered an historian." I find this to be true. The "true" historians are the ones who are ever questing for "more imput! MORE IMPUT!!"
There is a tradition in The Hobby, as re-enacting is affectionately called by the nutz like me who participate, of the newbie asking for "MORE IMPUT!!" so frequently and with such general vagueness to their queries that it lends one to wonder if they have considered the very helpful "search" function or in fact even a "search drive."
In the hopes of adding to their search, and alleviating some of my general frustration, I am presenting my rants, with accompanying documentation, for the benefit of all. As a dear friend of mine has told me, to merely rant to a select, small group without posting your information for the benefit of all to learn from your knowledge leads to Hallway Heartburn... and Hallway Heartburn hurts!

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