Monday, April 11, 2011

My Soul's Society...

"The Soul selects it's own society, then.. shuts the door." ...or so a poet wrote.

A dear friend asked me, "Who do you hope to reach with your blog? Who's your "target audience"?" This took me quite by surprise as I was not able to give an answer. Some time later, after much deliberation, I would like to share the answer.

I hope to be helpful to re-enactors and living historians like myself. For whom a causal incidence of modern life will trigger a research spree into how the "Original Cast" (hereafter referred to as "O.C.") met similar incidences by sharing what I have researched about "Why?" and "How?"

I hope to be helpful to re-enactors and living historians who may have been involved for awhile but are making their first forays into delving deeper into 18th and 19th century citizen thought. Those willing to look beyond the clothing to the material culture, deportment, thought processes, and "portable first person" that truly bring a person of the past alive in the modern world for a bit.

I hope to be helpful to re-enactors and living historians who are preparing to attend immersion events, especially those for whom immersion or first person is a new experience, with practical advice on "delving deeper", research direction to material culture, and a few answers to "How did the O.C. do that?"

I hope to address a few of the commonly held myths about the past and provide research based and logical thought based "myth busting" of a sort. Occasionally friends who have done a considerable amount of research on a particular topic will be invited to share their knowledge as a guest blogger.

I will, from time to time, address questions that have been posed on various fora to which I subscribe in more depth and in a more public and easily referenced venue than a forum can provide. With common courtesy, I will never reference persons, fora, or the like directly in this respect. In posting a comment, please do likewise. (notice my use of "Dear Friend" and "A forum" as examples)

I would ask that if you are not one of these persons to please stick around anyway... my soul benefits from a varied society, in fact demands it... please share your research, questions, myths... for when we question, we learn... and a learned society is the backbone of civilization, or so the Founding Fathers professed.

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